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15 Things You Should Do In 2015

Happy New Year from Hubbard Law Firm! A new year gives us another opportunity to take stock and plan for the future. Here's a simple “to do” list that will assist you in planning for 2015. ...

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Clueless About Your Spouse Seeking a Divorce Lawyer

We all know that divorce is common, but we never think it will happen to us. There are warning signs, however, that your spouse may be consulting a lawyer about how to best divorce you....

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Clause and Effect – What You Should Know About Arbitration

Most businesses in the United States have an arbitration clause in their contracts with customers, suppliers, and anyone else they do business with on a daily basis. While many business owners adopt the premise that arbitration is the best way to handle disputes, they may not know that there is very little chance of having an adverse arbitration overturned in court....

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Service Members Civil Relief Act

America has had special laws protecting service members dating back to the Civil War. Such laws have protected the legal rights of members of the armed services who cannot sue or defend a lawsuit while they are on active duty....

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Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

A new year always seems to make us excited about our personal goals and business endeavors. Sometimes starting a new year makes it easier to erase something that was unpleasant from the previous year. With that being said, I have put together 14 things to make 2014 a more proactive and positive year for you and your loved ones....

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